Lower IV’s journey in faith

Posted: 5th February 2021

A grief observed.

Another diary entry from Lower IV resulting from research into the Exodus story.  Here, Iris speaks to us as an Israelite mother, anxious and worried as the troubles mount up.

‘I watched from afar as hail poured down from above and fire rampaged the earth, smelling smoke in the air and hearing shrieks in the breeze. I had faith in the Lord; however, it was hard not to worry when there was the embodiment of terror hurling towards you and your family, and everything you’ve ever known, at what looks like 100 miles an hour. This seemed as though it was the worst plague yet, but I wasn’t foolish; I knew there was more to come. Barely any Israelites thought the Egyptians would survive the first plague – but it keeps getting worse every time the Pharaoh’s heart seems to freeze over and harden once more.

Whenever we think there is even a glimpse of hope, the Pharaoh and all his officials seem to try even harder to go against the word of the Lord. “How can one’s heart be so twisted?” Many of us wonder, but we’d be hopelessly deprived of an answer. As long as we pray to God, we could never know such sin; have trust and faith in Him, and we will forever stay clean.

But I do question – how long will this last? There surely isn’t much more the Pharaoh nor his people can endure – would he truly put his land at risk in order to satisfy his cold heart? My children get more and more restless each day. It’s hard to comprehend what’s happening, and I doubt I’d be able to explain. All I can hope is that things will become bright again soon, and the word of God is finally listened to – and that all of Egypt won’t burn to the ground.’

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