Upper VI and religion

Posted: 21st January 2021

World Religion Day 2021.

Mrs McDermott, Head of Religious Studies, reports that, ‘Last Sunday,17th January was World Religion Day, celebrated by the Baha’i and other groups.

This day promotes interfaith understanding by emphasizing factors common to all faiths. It was first introduced among Baha’i communities in the 1950s, and is now celebrated by a wider spread of communities, including the Baha’i, usually on the third Sunday of January.

To mark this day of religious awareness, Priory VI students will be using this half-term’s General RE lesson to research one of the many religions in the world. So far, we literally have research being conducted from A-Z, with Emilie and Madi embarking on researching Amish communities and Adrine, Samar and Taline selecting Zoroastrianism. We will publish their findings at the end of this term, so that hopefully our whole community can learn more about the diverse religious beliefs in our world.’

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