Lower IV linguists

Posted: 21st January 2021

Búsqueda de tesoros.

Mlle Gandi, Modern Languages Department, tells us of the work Lower IV have been conducting in Spanish, ‘Lower IV have been learning about sports in Spanish this week and they have been exceptionally engaged in class. One of the activities was a treasure hunt, a ‘Búsqueda de tesoros’. In Ms De Lahitte’s group, the girls who were in school (Yasmine and Shriya) joined in with acting out playing those sports – and even scored!’

In the hunt the girls learning from home were given three minutes to bring as many of the following objects and show them to the camera.

  1. una pelota de baloncesto (a basketball)
  2. un palo de hockey (a hockey stick)
  3. una gorra de natación (a swimming cap)
  4. una pelota de fútbol (a football)
  5. Una raqueta de tenis

The pictures show how successful they were!

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