Testing, testing, testing

Posted: 15th January 2021


St Augustine’s Priory Test Site.

In her video this week, we are led by Headteacher Mrs Raffray on a tour of the test site at St Augustine’s Priory.  Here, staff who are coming into the school and the children of critical workers are able to access lateral flow tests for Covid-19 on a weekly basis.

The test centre is staffed by volunteers from our staff who have been trained in the processing of the self-administered tests.  After registering for the test, the candidates follow the one way system in operation and self-administer the throat and nose swab tests in booths.  After this, the swabs are inserted into a tube and processed by our volunteers, who are dressed in PPE.  The result of the test is available for each candidate in thirty minutes.

In this way we are able to provide candidates with an environment designed to facilitate testing in a speedy and organised way and enable staff and the children of critical workers to access St Augustine’s Priory.

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