Priory 6 explore the BBC

Posted: 16th December 2020

An excellent opportunity.

Priory 6 benefited from expert advice when one of our parents kindly organised a talk for them on Friday 4th December about opportunities and placements at the BBC.

Mrs MacLennan, Director of Priory 6, explains:  ‘This virtual talk, which was attended by the entire Priory 6, was about work experience opportunities and placements at the BBC and school leaver programmes, and was led by two people from the resourcing team.  The presenters talked through opportunities for the girls and gave some valuable advice on applications which was particularly helpful in the current situation. We are very grateful to Mariam Ali who organised this opportunity.

The talk began with an introduction from Joseph Larkin and Sam Harrison (two members of the BBC’s resourcing team).  This was followed by an exploration of the types of opportunities available at the BBC, such as Work Experience/Schemes etc.  A short video on what it is like to be an apprentice at BBC was then shown and advice on how to apply, which included various hints and tips, was then given.  The event concluded with advice on how to make a video application and what makes a good application.’

This was a valuable opportunity for Priory 6 to gain an understanding of some of the range of possibilities open to them and was much appreciated and valued.


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