Meeting Members of Staff

Posted: 15th December 2020

Mr H AlAzawi.

As we near the end of term, we welcomed Mr AlAzawi to St Augustine’s Priory to teach in the Seniors.  He is a Chemistry specialist, having obtained his Master’s degree at University College London and then spent two years working at a Special Education Needs school.

Mr AlAzawi says, ‘One of my biggest interests is probably science (unsurprisingly), I’m a Chemistry specialist but I also deeply love Biology and Physics. Animals and Astronomy stand out to me in those respective fields even though I’m not a specialist in either area. However, I do also enjoy a bit of Philosophy and can absolutely appreciate the beauty of the Mathematical language.’

Outside of academia Mr AlAzawi enjoys keeping fit and the theatre and fashion.  He continues, ‘I am very much looking forward to working specifically at St Augustine’s Priory as it seems both the staff and students contribute to the amazing, welcoming and helpful atmosphere that I’ve experienced. I’ve had an uncountable number of staff introduce themselves to me and offer to aid me in whatever way I might require. The Science Department in particular has been outstanding towards me. Mr Kane has dropped whatever he was doing to help me whilst I’ve been covering for Mr Green. Mr Green and Mr Matheson have also both been incredibly gracious as I’ve taken over their classes. And Ms Burrell, as my Head of Department, has been incredibly helpful!’

As we draw to a close this Michaelmas Term 2020 we are delighted to welcome Mr AlAzawi and wish him all good things for the coming Lent Term 2021.

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