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Posted: 11th December 2020

Stretch and Challenge.

The Stretch and Challenge initiative has been running for several years at St Augustine’s Priory.  Under the guidance of Mr Elder, this is an opportunity for girls in Upper V to explore subjects that are not covered in the curriculum but which the girls would like to investigate and research.  Recently, over two days, a group of Upper V pupils gave some fascinating presentations on their findings on an array of subjects, from exploring the depiction of women in film in Lucy’s presentation, ‘So here’s to you, Mrs Robinson’, to Sofia’s presentation on ‘How does texting affect our vocabulary and social skills’ – the outcome of which was to urge us to ‘Stop texting, start talking.’

They gave their talks to audiences of Upper IV and Form III who found the subjects fascinating and extremely informative!

The talks ranged from the analysis of society’s understanding, or lack of it, concerning autism by Anna to ‘What’s not to like about the work like?’ by Lily.  The presentations were vivid and often entertaining with Simran’s presentation on ‘What do someone’s dreams really say about them’, involving audience participation!’


Talks were often thought-provoking, as Rania examined the issue, ‘Do we truly have freedom?’ and Safiya asked, ‘Why are some disorders overlooked?’  Maysa asked the intriguing question, ‘Why did people invent money?, and Maya investigated ‘How far does a writer’s background influence their work?’  Elliot had researched witchcraft and Anousia took us back to ancient Greece with ‘Why was it unusual that the Oracle of Delphi was a women?’  Ela meanwhile asked ‘Why do we conform to society’?

The talks were a fascinating insight into so many topics and provided a valuable platform for Upper V to conduct their own personal investigations into subjects that intrigue them.

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