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Posted: 10th December 2020

‘Untold Stories’.

This autumn, English Heritage organised a nationwide poetry competition entitled ‘Untold Stories’.  This competition invited children to submit their poems and was divided into several age categories:  5 – 8 years old, 9 – 12 years old, 13 – 16 years old and 17+.

Our Juniors took this competition to heart and everyone, from Prep II to Upper II, discovered their inner poet and submitted their poems to the competition.

Ms Keane, Deputy Head Juniors, Academic, commented, ‘This competition gave children the opportunity to explore their culture and heritage and led to plenty of enjoyable discussions.   The quality of the resulting poems was so high that we decided to hold our own St Augustine’s Priory poetry competition.  We judged all the poems and were delighted to choose winners from each class’.

A display will soon be mounted in the school to show the wonderful entries!

The winners from each class are:

Prep II:             Katherine, Zara and Anya

Prep III :           Heidi, Miranda and Haruna

Lower I:           Anika, Yasmin and Aniela

Upper I:           Amelia, Mirabelle and Naya

Lower IIA:        Sammie, Gabriella and Nancy

Lower II Alpha:            Ariane, Angela and Arianna

Upper IIA:        Nancy, Maria, Christina and Antonia

Upper II Alpha:            Isabella, Sophie and Connie

Congratulations to everyone on their wonderful poems.

Here are just a few of the winning St Augustine’s Priory poems; we know that you will enjoy them.

Mirabelle’s poem:

Sophie’s poem:                                                                                                 

Naya’s poem:                                                                                    Constance’s poem:

Nancy’s poem:

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