Lower II starts each day well

Posted: 26th November 2020

A collective worship with a difference!

The week of 16th November saw Mrs Round lead Lower II in inspirational  collective worship as the start to each day.  Using the TenTen collective worship resources, ‘Love Train’,  each morning’s session began with this prayer:

‘Just as our bodies get fitter when we exercise, the more that we practise being a loving person, the better we get at it. So our prayers this week use our bodies to act out our prayer intentions – we are training to love!’

Then followed a series of prayers said to oneself accompanied by exercises, repeated several times.  These included saying ‘I love you, Jesus’ and bending down from the waist and touching toes – a great way to worship and be grateful to God.

The phrase ‘Everyone is welcome’ was accompanied by the spreading of arms out wide and then wrapping them round yourself as if giving yourself a big hug.

Being giving and generous involved saying ‘I will be a giving person’ and curling your arms in to the body and then throwing them open wide in a gesture of giving.

‘I will try my best every day’ were the words which went with squatting down to touch the floor, jumping up high and stretching arms up as far as they went and then holding the stretch on tip toes.

Jesus is at the centre of everything and so the exercises ended with standing or sitting in a relaxed position, closing eyes, breathing in and out slowly and saying ‘Thank you Jesus’ and spending a few moments thinking of Jesus.

Mrs Round then ended each session with a final prayer:

This was a wonderful way for Lower II to start each day.  Prayer and exercise – a great combination.

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