Sheep Tagging with the Farm Managers

Posted: 13th November 2020

Not just a fashion statement.

Ear tags on sheep are used to identify them and can help to identify the sex, year of birth and even the parents of each sheep!  So, on Friday 6th November Mr Raffray, together with the Farm Managers, gathered to round up our flock and ear tag them.  This is much like having your ears pierced, although the resulting attached tags may not be as stylish as earrings!

The sheep tagging process was also part of our training programme for the Farm Managers who, with great dedication and commitment, come to school at weekends and during the holidays and in all weathers, to see to the daily care of our animals.

The sheep, none the worse for their experience, are now sporting some nifty coloured tags so that each one can reliably be health checked and identified from one another.

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