Lower IV and the History of Christianity

Posted: 12th November 2020

Joseph of Arimathea inspired poetry

Ms Corkery, Teacher of Religious Education reports on life in Lower IV’s work on the history of Christianity,  

‘The girls in Lower IV recently began their studies on the History of Christianity in Britain in R.E. lessons. As part of the unit, they have examined what the biblical text has communicated about Joseph of Arimathea, as well as the wonderful legend endorsing Joseph’s role in bringing Christianity to these shores. The girls now know that Glastonbury is not only famous for its music, but, also, as a place of pilgrimage associated with the man who buried Jesus! They girls were busy in lessons composing poems to capture their learning. Here is a sample of their lovely output’:

Joseph of Arimathea

By Caitlin Gallagher Rattan

A good and righteous man

Should know his life, should know God’s plan

He knew his mind like he knew his faith

Although prevented by the human race

He did what he must

To God’s hands he thrust

His secret support of Jesus

The one who always frees us

And he felt responsibility that terrible day

The month in between March and May

He approached Pilate and said so polite

I wish to bury Jesus’ body tonight

‘There’s a tomb’ he said, ‘bought with my wealth.

I would have had it for myself’

But I respected Jesus, he should have had a long life

So I will find somewhere else for me and my wife.

And of the council Joseph was a respected member

So he was granted the body so we can all remember

The place Jesus rested, concealed by a stone

Lying, breathless, all alone.

Now Joseph was a disciple, a loyal one too

So sent by St. Philip he journeyed through

Storms and tropics, sun burnt and frost bitten

He arrived, worn out, in the one and only, Great Britain 

Joseph brought with him the Holy Grail 

He wouldn’t get caught, he wouldn’t fail

And hid it in Glastonbury, down a well

He made the other disciples swear not to tell

Soon they converted thousands throughout the country

Despite them being tired and hungry

They walked for miles and working like slaves

They showed the world the beauty of their faith

The echoing footsteps in Glastonbury

By Ivy Lo

On the journey

A figure stands 

On the horizon.

Whose hands


The Lord.

Who carries

The chalice

Which held

Spilt blood.


Has it.

A journey

To Glastonbury

Which converted the people.

The secret



The Sanhedrin.

Whose hands


A Church

A society

A new culture

A new beginning.

Who had

A staff 

Which blossomed.

Under the moon’s 

Watchful eyes.

Who was

Good and righteous 

Waiting for 

God’s shining kingdom.

Who died

And was


By Kings.

A group

Of people


In front

Of the Church.

The first Church.

And walk around

The Town


Joseph of Arimathea’s 



Joseph of Arimathea

By Niamh McDermott

A devout Jew

Council member

Good and righteous man

Secret follower of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea

He waited for the Kingdom of God

Jesus’ body hung from a cross

Needed proper burial

Joseph asked Pilate

Permission granted

Buried the body in a tomb meant for himself

Journeyed to England

Brought Christianity to this land

Built its first church

In Glastonbury it is found

The Holy Grail

Hidden in a well

His pilgrim’s staff

Put in the ground


A thorn bush blossomed

This admired missionary

Converted thousands

The rich and poor alike

Was carried to his grave

By six earthly kings

Only to enter into heaven

And meet our divine ruler

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