Black History Month

Posted: 12th November 2020

Two inspirational saints.

We continue to receive some splendid items arising from Black History Month at St Augustine’s Priory.  Here Mylla in Form III tells us of her research into St Augustine of Hippo:

‘During Black History Month Form III learnt about inspirational black saints in R.E. I decided to research St Augustine of Hippo, the Patron Saint of our school.  Here are some interesting facts about St Augustine that you might not know, and something to think about when you think about the name of our school.

  • St Augustine didn’t start out as you would expect a Saint to perhaps behave. He was disruptive at school and not very popular with his teachers. Although his parents tried really hard to encourage him, St Augustine was not that keen on education at a young age. This makes him even more inspirational and interesting – to learn how he changed his ways. 
  •  St Augustine of Hippo is considered to be the Patron Saint of Brewers! This is because of the lifestyle that he led before he discovered Catholicism. This is an inspiration to those on the wrong path – to show that you can turn things around and start on a much better path.
  • The name ‘Hippo’ in his name has nothing to do with the beautiful grey animal that you would think of! It is the name of the little town where he was a Bishop in North Africa. We now know that place as Algeria. 
  • I love some of his quotes from his writings – they inspire me in my daily life and especially in my education: 

“ The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

“Patience is the companion of wisdom” 

If we can all carry these in our minds – we will always have St Augustine of Hippo with us, directing us on the right path.’

In addition, Esinam, also in Form III writes about St Monica:

‘In R.E., we connected with the subject of Black History Month and we all had the chance to find a black Saint and write a biography about the significance of the Saint. I chose Saint Monica as she seemed like a very uplifting and heroic woman. 

Here are a few facts about her:

She is the mother of our own St Augustine.

  • Monica was a woman who believed in her son’s talents.
  • Her husband and mother-in-law had such horrific tempers.  However, she showed them kindness and they allowed her to convert them to Christianity just before her husband died.
  • Augustine dismissed her on multiple accounts, but she continued to love, pray and support her son.
  • She was hugely known for her persistence in prayer which many other others would not do – they would just give up on their children!’

Thank you to both Mylla and Esinam for their research into two immensely significant saints for us!

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