Prep II and Prep III have an adventure

Posted: 10th November 2020

Meeting the sheep.

Members of Prep II and Prep III were excited and raring to go on the afternoon of Friday 6th November as the first instalment of Mrs Mackay’s Adventure Club took place.  We all gathered in the Prep Playground as Mrs Mackay told us that we were going to a part of the school that the girls had never seen before!

We then all walked down to the end of the grounds, finding several items of treasure along the way and also some fox holes and then found a secret field where there were some sheep! 

The sheep were very keen to meet the girls and came running over to say hello.  Mrs Mackay was a little nervous, but Prep II and Prep III were there to protect her.

After this we said goodbye to the sheep and all made our way back to school.  We all wonder what Mrs  Mackey has in store for the Adventure Club this week!

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