Upper IV visit Bletchley Park

Posted: 9th October 2020


Code-breaking – a subject that exerts a fascination for any fan of spy stories.  Mathematics and Computing are, of course, two subjects that are essential for life.  Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than at Bletchley Park.  Mr Dellow, Head of the Computing Department and Head of Upper IV, here reports on the Upper IV visit to this centre of World War II code-breaking on Monday 5th October.

‘Even COVID couldn’t stop us visiting the wonderful Bletchley park, our fifth visit to the home of the World War II codebreakers.  Upper IV have been studying ciphers and code-breaking since we returned to school and that meant that they were itching to go as we set off from Ealing. The significance of Bletchley Park continues to be celebrated in the media and year after year stories emerge that highlight this significance.

Bletchley Park was, of course, the code-breaking centre of the world during WWII. The experience continues to impress our students, they worked their way through a series of ciphers and codes in their morning workshops and followed this up with a walk through the famous huts. The importance of Bletchley Park can only be fully understood by visiting and seeing the code-breaking huts that played a crucial role in the Allied victory. 

The day involved a guided tour where the staff tell fascinating stories about the people who worked here as well as the day to day routines and the history of Bletchley. The fact that over 2/3 of employees at Bletchley were women is an inspiration to our own code breaking girls. 

There really is never enough time to visit the whole site is just one day which was a real shame. We did, this year however, manage to fit in a visit to the wonderful shop and the coach was full of puzzle enthusiasts on the way home.  If you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas take a look at some of the following:

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