Lower V poetry

Posted: 1st October 2020

National Poetry Day and Black History Month.

Two pupils from Lower V have written some highly relevant and beautiful poems to mark National Poetry Day and the beginning of Black History Month.  These are two talented poets and we are delighted to share their voices with you.

The first is from Kyra.  Entitled, ‘One Month Later’ it speaks from the heart and challenges us all.

One Month Later

One month later, will we still be here?

Will my white friends be posting about racial inequality?

Will they ‘educate’ themselves on the systems that strip us of our identity?

Will they fight the good fight, despite the temptation of a return to normality?

I do not blame you for I would probably do the same.

All I ask is that one month later

Remember I did not choose to engage in this fight.

I was born into it.

Mattie’s poem, ‘Race’, reminds us of our uniqueness and of equality.


Black and white,

Asian and Latino,

African and American

They are all equal


I am white,

You are black,

She is Asian,

He is African

We are all equal


We might look the same, 

We might look different but, 

We are all equal


You and me,

Me and you,

Whatever we look like,

Whatever we sound like,

We are all equal.


Our race, 

Does not determine the person that we will be,

Does not determine the actions we will carry out,

Does not determine the friend that we will make,

Does not determine who we can and can’t be with,

Does not determine what we can and cannot do,

Does make us unique,

Does make us equal.

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