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Posted: 10th July 2020

Blended learning.

Mrs Macallister recently reported, ‘I have been to some brilliant Maths lessons!  Different teachers are using different applications to teach Maths, and are definitely engaging the students’.  

For example, Mr Harnett, Mathematics Department, has been using blended learning to guide Lower IV and Upper IV through the world of formulae and shapes.

Lower IV explored Similar Shapes via MS Teams and OneNote while Upper IV studied Rearranging Formulae where Mr Harnett also called the class on Microsoft Teams and used OneNote to talk the class through examples.

Mr Harnett has used MS Teams and OneNote for delivering live lessons as it effectively reproduces what he does in the classroom.  He is able to end calls and start new ones as each student requires.  Alternatively, Mr Harnett can stay on the call and ask girls to re-join if they would like additional help. The girls have received feedback on each piece of work that they have submitted to the VLE.

Blended learning has been developed at St Augustine’s Priory throughout lockdown, a combination of dedicated teachers and committed pupils.

In further maths news, Mrs Bennet reported on the wonderful news, received this week, that our pupils have gained fourteen bronze, three silver and two gold awards in the UK Mathematics Trust Junior Maths Challenge.  This took place as a virtual competition in the middle of June and some members of Upper II, together with Form III and Lower IV took part. 

The two golds go to Isabel and Grace (Lower IV) with tied results, the three silver to Maria (Lower IV), Riko and Yasmin (Form III) and the bronzes to Alice, Thanuja, Alexandra L, Alexandra P and Saanvi (Lower IV), Natalie, Tamara, Holly and Isabella G R (Form III), and bronzes also go to Amber, Clara, Jane and Sunny in Upper II and Rin in Lower II.  (The competition is aimed at senior school pupils).

Congratulations to everyone for such an accomplishment.

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