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Posted: 13th March 2020

Creative Writing Workshop.

One of the most inspiring events during Book Week was the creative writing workshop for Form III which was run by two writers from Upper IV,  Ariana and Isabelle.  Here they talk about the experience:

Ariana Buckland commented:

‘On Wednesday 4th March during lunchtime, we held a workshop aimed towards Form III. I am in the process of writing and publishing my novel but I can’t give too much information away, or else it would ruin the surprise!

It has been so difficult to keep this workshop a secret as I have been anticipating it since September 2019, when Mrs Bhatti (our school librarian) asked me to inspire the younger ones to read and write more for their benefit.

When I was younger, I hated to read. I couldn’t bear the thought of turning a page to discover more words. As I grew older, I began to join book clubs and frequently talk about literature with my parents. Now, I volunteer frequently in the senior school library, am part of ‘Ealing Teen Read’ and am on the way to publishing a fantastic novel! If five years ago, someone had told me that this would be my future then I would have burst out in laughter.

In the workshop, we shared with the girls some ideas that they might want to use when writing an opening to a story or when attempting to describe a character. We rewarded them with confectionery to encourage them to join in. I believe that the sweets and chocolates were a metaphor, they were rewarded with a treat and they learnt the reward of writing literature.

I would like to thank all the Form III girls who attended, they all participated wholeheartedly and they made the workshop so special. This was a remarkable experience that allowed me to practise my leadership skills and I would love to run another workshop in the future.’

Isabelle Size continues:

‘Ariana and I were very excited to give this talk and inspire so many young girls to start writing. As aspiring authors ourselves, it meant a great deal to us that they should experience the joy of writing something creative, that is entirely your own. This incredible opportunity allowed us to express ourselves through our own writing, and not only that but to share our stories in order to inspire the girls in Form III.

In the talk, we covered everything from writing a story opening to creating a character. Ariana and I shared our writing stories; how we became interested in writing, how we would plan our stories, etc. and created activities for the girls to enjoy and learn from.

Our main goal was to inspire the Form III’s, to encourage them to write their own stories, or even simply encourage the girls to work harder in English since they would see the benefits. Form III were involved and eager, always putting forward their own ideas and asking questions when they needed to. The talented girls were eager to read out their own work, and the rest of the group listened with interest.

I am currently writing my own novel, and although I have come to realise it is a much slower process than I immediately thought, it is very rewarding. In the future, I would love to publish it, if I get the chance, and continue writing and improving for the rest of my life. Writing allows me to express myself in a way that I cannot with speech, it opens up a whole new room of possibilities and opportunities.

Ariana and I gave this talk because we both have a passion for writing, and teaching. We both wanted to share our own stories while inspiring others to do the same.

Overall, this talk was a massive success, and I am so grateful that I got to be a part of it.’

And the response from Form III?  Anaya Garr attended and this was her verdict:

“The workshop was truly inspiring and taught me how to develop my creative writing and how to capture my audience!”




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