Magnificent Mathematicians

Posted: 6th March 2020

Intermediate Maths Challenge results.

Mrs Bennet, Head of Maths, delights in the Maths Challenges organised by the UK Mathematics Trust.  We have recently received the results from the Intermediate Maths Challenge where our girls once more achieved excellent results.

This year our pupils garnered 14 Bronze, 9 Silver and 2 Gold awards, which is a tremendous achievement.  Gold awards went to Maki Mizunoe in Lower V and Romy Katkhuda in Upper V.  Silver was awarded to Elodie King, Holly Hau and Amelia Szczurek (Upper IV), Sofia Krunic and Yuuri Yoshikawa (Lower V), and Siya Sehgal, Sennen Powell, Mariam Hussain and Dilichi Dieobi in Upper V.  Bronze awards went to Lucia Orsi, Sanna Hussain, Marianne Flynn, Eliezer Elliott and Isabel Bathula (Upper V), Lillian Rodney, Grace Rodericks, Ottilie Katkhuda, Lily Rai, Chloe Bathula, Simran Chandarana, all in Lower V, and Sophie Fung, Freya Ellis, Ionela Diaconu from Lower IV.

Our magnificent Mathematicians

In addition, the best in school and qualifying for the Hamilton Olympiad (600 pupils nationwide) is Maki Mizunoe, qualifying for the Grey Kangaroo (European round for Year 9) is Amelia Szczurek and qualifying for the Pink Kangaroo (European round for Years 10 and 11) is Romy Katkhuda.

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