Senior Liturgy Prefects visit Westminster Cathedral

Posted: 13th February 2020

The God who speaks: The year of the Word

On Thursday 30th January, the Liturgy Prefects from Form III – Upper IV attended Mass at Westminster Cathedral and followed this with a tour of the ‘Tents of Meeting’ Scripture Road Show, organised to mark ‘The God Who Speaks:  The Year of the Word’, this year’s theme of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.

One of these Liturgy Prefects, Niamh McDermott, reports on their visit:

‘The Liturgy Prefects in Form III, Lower IV and Upper IV with Miss Corkery and Mrs McDermott visited Westminster Cathedral for a Mass and workshops to do with this year’s theme ‘The God who speaks: The year of the Word’.


We set off on the train to the Cathedral and when we got there we had our lunch and some delicious hot chocolate which we all enjoyed. We had time to have a look in the gift shop and around the Cathedral before Mass started. After Mass in the Cathedral we heard a talk by an artist about the mosaic he was currently making. The mosaic was like a book on both sides that you could close so that it was easy to carry. Some of the pictures on it were the Trinity, the Angel Gabriel talking to Mary and Jesus’ life as well as St Jerome translating the Bible. This links to ‘The God who speaks:  The Year of the Word’.


After that we went to the various tents of meeting in the side chapels we had the opportunity to do lectio divina where we reflected on verses from the Bible. We also thought about God’s love for us. Using a tube map and the world map we connected where we were from to where we think in the world needs God’s love. Our favourite tent of meeting was the Bible Society as we each got a little toy lion. The reason for this is that St Jerome once was teaching in a cave and a lion came up to him, all his students ran away from fright but St Jerome took out a thorn from the lion’s foot and the lion vowed to protect St Jerome from that day on.

I really enjoyed the day and I learnt to value scripture.’



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