Wellness Week 2020

Posted: 7th February 2020

A celebration of life.

Next week sees the St Augustine’s Priory Wellness Week which this year has as its theme Women’s Rights:  Taking Action, focussing on the wholeness of the human being.

Many events are planned.  Among them there will be a session on ‘Women and the Word’ for Priory 6 which will take as its focus the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales 2020 theme of ‘The God Who Speaks:  The Year of the Word’.  There will be a Fair Trade ‘Taking Action’ themed Bake Off which is raising funds for Plant and Pencils.  Past Pupil Jenny Dore will be visiting the Preps and Juniors to talk about ‘What is Charity’ and then speaking to Lower II to Upper VI on ‘Founding a Charity’. We are delighted to be welcoming Sparks who will be running workshops for Seniors on ‘Changemakers’.  Priory 6 will be visiting the Nursery to speak on ‘Looking after ourselves and each other’ and there is a Wellness PE session with Nursery and Prep I.  Ms Hagerty and Nell Dobson, Priory 6, will be speaking on taking action against period poverty through film-making and there will be a question and answer session on FGM with Hoda Ali for Lower II to Form III and for Lower IV to Upper VI.  Our caterers, Holroyd Howe, are also engaged in the week with a session for the Nursery and Preps on ‘Choosing to Eat Healthily’.

A major session will take place on Monday when Ms Hagerty, Deputy Head Co-Curriculum, Community and Development, will be running a drama workshop for Form III on ‘Women in Work’, looking at our posture, body language, assertiveness and how they all contribute to how we are perceived.  She will then look at the gender pay gap and the session will involve some exciting role play and forum theatre.

Following that, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons Ms Hagerty will be taking her workshop to Cardinal Wiseman and Sacred Heart schools, two of our partners in the Emmaus Catholic Schools’ Partnership.

The week will culminate in the Wellness 2020 Conference on Thursday which will welcome Lower II upwards together and the Emmaus Ambassadors from our partnership schools have been invited to attend.

Altogether this is set to be a phenomenal week looking at issues which have relevance to us all, at whatever age.

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