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Posted: 31st January 2020

A day at SPEC

Josephine Heffernan and Dilichi Dieobi, Upper VA, were two of the participants in the Upper V Retreat Day at the SPEC Retreat Centre to mark the end of their mock GCSEs.  Here they give their account of the day:

‘On Monday 20th January, after our mock examinations, the whole of Upper V went on a spiritual retreat to help us relax after a stressful few week of exams. We went to SPEC which is a residential Catholic Retreat Centre located in Pinner. We arrived in the morning and we then split into two groups. We started by playing some fun games, followed by an opening prayer. We then split up into even smaller groups and discussed the purpose of a retreat. We then went back into the main hall and we were able to choose from 4 activities to partake in: Meditation, Self-Reflection, Art and Rosary Bead Craft. Dilichi chose Self-reflection which she thoroughly enjoyed:  ‘During the self-reflection session we completed personal creeds like the Apostles’ or Nicene Creed. We also answered questions about our goals for the future and the type of people we wanted to become. I really enjoyed this activity because It made me think deeply about who I am as a person. Finally, we got to enjoy hearing other people’s creeds.’

We then had lunch which we enjoyed in the gorgeous grounds. In the second half of the day we learnt about the different Works of Mercy, and their different meanings. We played a game where we matched the different Works of Mercy with about how you can show each act in your everyday life. For example, the act of Sheltering the Homeless showed a picture of a mother and her children in their home. This was striking one for all of us because we never think about how our parents provide us with a warm, comforting home. To end the day, we went into the centre’s Chapel which had lovely heated floors and decoration. In the Chapel we took part in Eucharistic Adoration. Overall, it was an amazing day and a replenishing experience and we were sad to say goodbye.’

Artwork produced by one of our pupils on the Retreat at SPEC

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