Lower IV impressions

Posted: 1st November 2019

French Hub enthusiasts.

This term, four new pupils from Lower IV joined the French Hub, our advanced French language programme, which has now been in action for four years.  This invitation-only programme is held once a week for KS3 and KS4 pupils and encourages the development of language skills and the exploration and enjoyment of the French language.  After undergoing an interview conducted in French, our four new members of the hub here tell of their experiences so far in our French masterclasses:

Caterina Lincoln, says, ‘I think that the French Hub is a great opportunity. The classes are all in French which was quite daunting at first, however I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere. I joined because I was keen on learning new French skills which will help me on our French exchange later in the academic year’.


Pavneet Dhalliwal adds, ‘I enjoy the French Hub as it is a new way of experiencing French. It is very useful and I will now be much more confident in speaking the language on our French exchange visit. I am expanding my vocabulary which will extend my French writing and speaking ability.’

Róża Piesakowska comments, ‘I was a little nervous on joining the French Hub, but when it started I felt more confident and calm. I hope that the French Hub will help me improve my language skills, and that it will improve for our visit to France. My favourite part was when we answered some questions.  I liked how I managed to understand and answer the questions and felt quite proud of myself! I am learning new phrases and ways to ask questions and my pronunciation is improving.’


Finally, Alexandra Levitina has this to say, ‘I thought the idea of starting the French Hub was great and I was pleased to be invited to join – this will help myself and others to improve our French and excel in it!  Many thanks!’

With our on-going successful French exchange programme with Ste Marie de Neuilly and the forthcoming visit of our choir to Paris in late November, we all have a wonderful incentive for improving and expanding our French language skills and the French Hub is a great way for our pupils to do just that!

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