Lower V and ‘Spirited Poetry’

Posted: 11th October 2019

‘Questions, Questions’.

Mrs McDermott, Head of R.E. reports on some Lower V poetry competition winners.

‘NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE) holds an annual poetry competition called ‘Spirited Poetry’.  At the end of the Summer Term Mrs McDermott set her Lower V class the task of writing poems for the competition. The categories for the topics of the poems ranged from Where is God?; Pilgrimage; to Questions, Questions.’

It is on this last theme that many of the girls chose to write and we heard this week that Shani and Amelia’s entry, ‘The Choice’ was one of three winners from that category.’

Many congratulations to Shani and Amelia.  We are please to be able to share with you their prize-winning poem:


The Choice

Fate. Destiny.

God’s predisposition.

Time runs out

looks over, cross


National Health Service


for the future

Indecisive, pen shakes in hand,

breath falls heavily.

Does this defy the Lord?

Am I with child?

Or am I with nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane,



Mrs McDermott was told by NATRE that the guest judge, poet Paul Cookson remarked that the poem was, “very, very powerful. Not overwritten – brevity, simplicity and careful choice of words.” Hear him read their poem on YouTube:


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