Girls on Board

Posted: 4th October 2019

Truth in Action.

In an inspiring dialogue, last week, Mrs George, Deputy Head, Seniors delivered a session with Form III entitled ‘Girls on Board’.  She reports:

‘Girls on Board was set up by a British Headmaster a number of years ago in a response to try to tackle the difficulties girls face with friendships. He based his ideas on Rosalind Wiseman’s book ‘Queen Bees and Wannabees’ which was also turned into the hit film ‘Mean Girls’.

I shared the Girls on Board model with Form III through a discussion of friendship grouping, types of girl behaviour and by using role plays to illustrate typical situations where girls experience conflict.

By sharing the model with girls, they are given a common language to help them solve issues by themselves and help them negotiate power relationships. Parents of girls who have had a Girls on Board session will receive a Parent Guide which they can use to discuss the ideas above.’

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