The Parents’ Committee

Posted: 3rd June 2019

Invaluable and Inspirational.

Many of you will have enjoyed the events organised by our Parents’ Committee.  This inspirational group of Augustinian parents know how to locate Fr Christmas, find a supply of brilliant burgers, staff events with a smile (or ten!) and contribute immeasurably and with great dedication to the life of St Augustine’s Priory.

Their fundraising events have contributed over the years to many items that your daughters enjoy, facilities and equipment we would simply not have if it were not for them.

So now, do please read on as they ask for your assistance and contribution.

“Reflecting the sense of community that exists throughout St Augustine’s, our Parents’ Committee organises a wide range of enjoyable events each year, as well as fundraising for the school providing the girls further enrichment.

In the Michaelmas Term we organise an Outdoor Cinema Evening, our renowned Pyrotechnics Night, and the Christmas Fair. Lent Term sees our Quiz Night and during the Summer Term we help the school with Association Day. The Pyrotechnics Night, as well as the above social events, are our main fundraising events.



The Parents’ Committee represents a balanced cross-section of the school, with various members also acting as Class Representatives. This ensures everyone is welcomed to our school community.

Our Parents’ Committee is open to any parent who would like to offer their time, has a particular skill or can assist with fundraising and social events – generating ideas and being hands-on. We welcome everyone – both mums, dads and carers! You don’t need to make a big commitment to be part of the committee, and there are lots of different ways to get involved, even if you only have a little bit of time to spare or one to focus on one event only.

Most immediately, we are actively looking for parents who would like to join us to help the school with Association Day. We are recruiting for a ‘Lead’ who would help the school project manage, in terms of Parents’ Committee assigned tasks. Or this ‘Lead’ could be shared – it could be a team of parents who would be willing to collaborate and job share as a ‘Lead Team’. A detailed handover from the existing Lead and extensive support from the school will be provided. This is an exciting opportunity. Please contact your class representative who will put you in touch with Vanessa Barnes or Sue Aravinth for further details.

And at this juncture, we would like to give our deep heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Vanessa Barnes for her countless hours of hard work, dedication and support as Chair for our Parents’ Committee. Vanessa, thank you for your long service – you will be missed and best of luck for the future.”



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