New School Officials

Posted: 17th May 2019

Priory 6 leaders.

On Monday 13th May, the whole school gathered in the Sports Hall to hear the announcement of our new School Officials. All applicants had previously given a speech to the Seniors and Upper II on how they would contribute to the school should they be awarded the role of either Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, School Ambassador or House Captain.


This year, we have also introduced a few new ambassador roles. The new roles are Ambassador for Health and Well-being, Admissions & Marketing, Co-curriculum, Community and Development, STEM Ambassador (4th Industrial Revolution) and Ambassador for Sustainability.

Thank you to our School Officials of 2018/2019 who are off on study leave, for all they have done for the School this academic year and the great example they have set for the newly elected School Officials.  We are all looking forward to working with our new School Officials and know that they will enjoy their new roles.

2019/2020 School Officials

Head Girl: Aoife Pedreschi

Deputy Head Girl Seniors: Shriya Sharma

Deputy Head Girl Juniors: Jasmine Dawuda

Deputy Head Girl Preps: Mari Phillips

St Gabriel House Captain: Dalia Al-Baghdadi

St George House Captain: Shahla Ghodrat

St Michael House Captain: Alice Norman

St Raphael House Captain: Sofia Gentile

Ambassadors for Admissions & Marketing: Zara Al-Naher & Renee Reid

Ambassador for Health and Well-being: Nell Dobson

Ambassador for Learning and Research: Mariella King

Ambassador for Co-curriculum, Community and Development: Ellie Kingsmill

Ambassadors for Sustainability: Maria Merkulova, Milly Tobin

STEM Ambassador (4th Industrial Revolution): Jasmine Cabraal

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