Reaching the summit

Posted: 15th May 2019

Acts of Good.

Girls really are quite extraordinary.  When the rest of us were enjoying the recent bank holiday weekend, Siya (Lower V) and her sister Amba (Lower II) were climbing Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, as part of a group called ‘Acts of Good’. Sunday 5th May saw an achievement which reached out to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Siya writes, ‘We climbed Mount Snowdon with 60 others to support Cancer Research UK.  We walked 20km in order to do this and reached the summit successfully. The hike was an amazing experience – however, very challenging and a real test of our stamina.

This is one of the charity events we have done as part of a group that we call Acts of Good. Acts of Good is made up of lots of my family members and friends who organise an event every few months to raise money for a particular charity. In the past we have organised events to raise money for Mind and Parkinsons. I wanted to share this with you in the hope that it will inspire other students in school.’

Acts of Good was founded by Siya’s uncle two years ago to bring family and friends together to encourage charitable acts and to engage in kindness – also aiming to be fun and promote health. It all started when the daughter of a neighbour of Siya’s grandmother was diagnosed aged six with leukaemia and sadly passed away two years later.

So far they have raised over £1,000 for Cancer Research UK.  Acts of Good doesn’t just climb mountains, they engage in park runs, yoga classes and is for all ages.  One of Siya’s young cousins, aged just five could also be seen at Snowdon’s summit.

Acts of Good has grown since its inception when just twenty people took part.  For the recent event in Wales sixty-five people took part.  Siya says, ‘we do something every few months, it is an amazing opportunity and we meet new people every time’.  If you would like to donate, Acts of Good has a Just Giving page at Https://

Congratulations to Siya and Amba on their wonderful work – please keep us informed of Acts of Good and its programme of action!


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