Priory 6 and leadership

Posted: 2nd May 2019

A Blessing for one who holds power.

Last Friday, 26th April, candidates for the Priory 6 leadership team spoke at a packed Assembly which was attended by all those eligible to vote in the elections, from Upper II through the Seniors and staff.

Candidates, including those for the posts of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls (for Seniors, Juniors and Preps), School Ambassadors, House Captains and Prefects gave inspirational speeches, setting out why they would like to hold these posts and their aims for the forthcoming year should they be elected.  All Lower VI were invited to apply for the posts with members of Upper V in addition welcome to apply for the positions of House Captains for our four school Houses – St Gabriel, St Michael, St Raphael and St George.

These posts hold real responsibility in the running of the school and those who have held the positions over the years will certainly attest to that!

Voting closes at 4.00pm on Friday 3rd May and the results will be announced at Assembly on Monday 13th May when girls from Preps, Juniors and Seniors will attend to discover who will be their next school leaders.

This extract of a prayer from ‘Benedictus, A Book of Blessings’ by John O’Donohue was read at the Assembly on 26th April and is a reminder of the obligations and privileges of leadership.

A Blessing for one who holds power.

May the gift of leadership awaken in you as a vocation,

Keep you mindful of the providence that calls you to serve.


As high over the mountains the eagle spreads it wings,

May your perspective be larger than the view from the foothills.


When the way is flat and dull in times of grey endurance,

May your imagination continue to evoke horizons.


When thirst burns in times of drought,

May you be blessed to find the wells.


May you have the wisdom to read time clearly

And know when the seed of change will flourish.


In your heart may there be a sanctuary

For the stillness where clarity is born.


May your work be infused with passion and creativity

And have the wisdom to balance compassion and challenge.


May your soul find the graciousness

To rise above the fester of small mediocrities.


May you welcome your own vulnerability

As the ground where healing and truth join.


May integrity of soul be your first ideal,

The source that will guide and bless your work.


From ‘Benedictus, A Book of Blessings’ by

John O’Donohue

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