Be Spirited

Posted: 28th March 2019

A time to reflect.

Tuesday 26th March was a time for reflection at St Augustine’s Priory.  Nursery to Upper II enjoyed ‘Be Spirited’, a day when the Chapel and Chapter Room are filled with spiritual exercises for the girls to enjoy.  This year Be Spirited took place during Lent, a fitting time for a day of peace and meditation.



There were a variety of activities for the children to take part in and they rotated around all of them.  These included ‘holding’ crosses, the opportunity to pray for someone while blowing a bubble to help focus the mind and a dish of shells and pebbles to hold and contemplate.  Girls could also write down their dreams and hopes on paper flowers, write a prayer out for those they missed.  They spelt out words using scrabble tiles that helped them to think about God, said prayers for the world using a globe and used their handprints to write prayers.



There was also a box, said to contain something very precious and unique.  What was inside?   A mirror.

This is a lovely day for all to enjoy, to realise that the Chapel is central to our lives, a place to sit.  Or think.  Or pray.  Or just be.



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