Priory 6 and Jesus as Gamechanger

Posted: 12th October 2018

Studying Jesus and His influence.

After taking their GCSEs our pupils select the subjects they wish to study for A Level in Priory 6.  Although they may not wish to continue formal studies of the core subjects, the religious education of the girls does not stop after GCSE.  Priory 6 girls take general R.E. lessons even though they may not study the academic subject for A Level.

Here, some Lower VI girls here tell of their studies during their R.E. lessons under the guidance of Mrs Flannelly.

Joe, Lara and Popi begin, ‘In general R.E. we have learnt that Jesus is a game changer through the influence He has implanted in the hearts of all individuals. He died for us on the cross to save humanity from original sin, thus humans spend their lives searching for ways to thank Jesus for His heroic deeds. This may be achieved through forgiving others despite their enormous wrong doings. Furthermore, we must long for equality and freedom of expression, so that each and every individual feels as if they belong in the world and are able to experience the love and respect which they deserve. In conclusion, Jesus established the road to a beautiful and peaceful world, and all humans must follow that path, building on to it in order to reach the promised land.’

Rayan adds ‘In general R.E. we have learnt that Jesus is a game changer after leaving a powerful and influential message after his death and resurrection. Jesus left his disciples who created the foundations of the Catholic Church.

Jesus taught that all people were equal and therefore treating people with equal respect is essential. For example, slavery is an unacceptable practice considering that it demolishes the idea of equality. This is because we were all made in imago dei, meaning that we were all made in God’s image and likeness. Equality also relates to respect for the poor meaning that those, who are privileged in terms of food, drink and other life necessities, have a duty to ensure that people, who lack these necessities, are given these basics so that they are no longer in need.’

Molly, Jasmine and Alice expand on this, ‘Jesus taught that one should always forgive, regardless of the situation. Jesus taught his disciples and in turn, followers of the Christian faith, that you should forgive your neighbours ‘seventy times seven’. This has led to the Christian faith being one of the most forgiving and accepting faiths in the world, all because Jesus was a game changer.

The influence of Jesus has influenced many.  For example his teachings inspired William Wilberforce to work towards the abolition of slavery. In the Bible, the story of Exodus shows that God is against slavery, as when God led his people out of slavery in Egypt. So thus, Jesus can be seen to be a global game changer. In addition to this, Jesus showed love and equality though his miracles where he would help those who were considered outcasts.’

Zahra, Dalia and Bethany conclude, ‘Jesus taught us to be forgiving and accepting – everyone deserves a second chance in life no matter what they have done. Jesus forgave Peter for denying him before his Crucifixion but, after his Resurrection he forgave Peter.  Jesus died for us and, as followers of Christ, we are urged to forgive those who wrong us.’

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