Moonlight Cinema at St Augustine’s Priory

Posted: 24th September 2018

The Greatest Showman.

Friday 21st September saw a first as the Moonlight Cinema visited St Augustine’s Priory to show ‘The Greatest Showman’. Organised by the Parents’ Committee and utilising our wonderful grounds, this was an evening to remember!


From the welcoming greeters at the door to the Parents’ Committee and their helpers, it was a community event. 


Bringing seats and blankets, girls, their families and staff started to gather from 6.30pm ready to stake their claim to a good viewing spot.  The Parents’ Committee had organised refreshment stalls selling popcorn, crisps, hot and cold drinks and hot dogs, both meat and vegetarian – most welcome on a late September evening.


Pupils, families and staff make themselves comfortable and refreshed for the entertainment ahead.


Darkness fell, the night was clear and the moon rose brightly over the grounds to greet the film showing at 7.30pm.  ‘The Greatest Showman’ is a very enjoyable family film, inspired by the life of showman P.T. Barnum and the creation of his circus in nineteenth century USA.  The audience sang along and lots of ‘Aaahs’ greeted the sentimental moments. Because the grounds were the auditorium there was room for dancing to the songs and running around if sitting down got too much!


This was a wonderful evening and several ‘we must do this again’ comments were heard.  Congratulations to the Parents’ Committee and all those who helped with the evening; this was a very successful and entertaining event and much enjoyed by everyone!


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