Priory 6 have a wonderful time!

Posted: 13th September 2018

Visiting Stubbers Adventure Centre

Caitlin Parry, Lower VI, here describes the venturesome Priory 6 who last week journeyed to the far reaches of Essex…

‘Last Friday, 7th September, saw the members of Priory 6 leave the school premises and embark on a journey that would take us across the entirety of the District Line before landing us at Stubbers Adventure Centre situated in the beautiful greenery that we associate with England.

There were a number of reasons for the visit as not only was it planned as an enjoyable experience but also as a way to break the ice between the “old girls” and the “new” (not to mention that it helped us as Twenty-First Century teenagers learn to cope with only four charging points between us)!

In the two days spent there we took part in six different activities, all of which provided new experiences for all of us. The most popular of these were 4×4 driving and the Jet Skiing where we were given control of vehicles (well, to a certain degree). Not only did this offer a new challenge, and on some occasions concerns from the passengers, but it also showed who in years to come will keep their hand at 10 to 2 o’clock and who will be a collector of speeding tickets.


The other activities were no less enjoyable than these however. Rifle shooting and Laser-Tag, which were not that dissimilar from each other, helped us work as a team and aim (excuse the pun) for success. There was also Vertical Assault, which speaks for itself, and required us to trust our friends who were belaying from below.



There was also Team Challenge which mostly comprised of putting eight of us into a few tractor tyres and getting each other over a smooth vertical wall, whether that was by hauling people up physically or flinging them over and hoping for the best.



The evenings, although less active, were no less entertaining and fun. We went on a walk around the lake and played Bulldog until our muscles screamed “No more!”  Along with this we took part in the camp fire traditions of running out of wood, telling feeble jokes and burning mash-mallows. Even the nights were pleasant and we all slept relatively well, despite the odd shriek of “Spider!”



All in all everyone, including the teachers, had a great time and created many memories which, although some may have been a little painful, makes one laugh to think of and will linger for a long time.’


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