Meeting our new chickens…

Posted: 10th September 2018

A variety of breeds.

The Michaelmas Term has brought some new members to roost in our farm.  Together with our micro-pigs (who are enjoying the apple harvest) and our sheep, we have a variety of breeds of chickens which have joined us – some Plymouth Rock cross, Polands and Silkies.


These three types of chicken are easily distinguishable from each other: the Plymouth Rock chicken hails from America, was first seen in the nineteenth century, and looks like your average, every day chicken.  The Poland is an old breed and glories in a magnificent crest reminiscent of the hairstyles of some 1960s pop groups, while the Silkies bear a striking resemblance to animated pom-poms.


From left to right: Plymouth Rock cross, Poland, Silkie

Our Farm Managers are on hand to look after our chickens and have been getting to know them.  Names are being distributed amongst the newcomers and include Lady Gaga, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.


We look forward to learning more about our new guests who appear to be settling in well!


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