The Beginning of a New Term

Posted: 7th September 2018

A vision of happiness.

At the staff Inset day on Monday 3rd September, Mrs Raffray, Headteacher welcomed us all back for a new term with words that explain our rationale for being here.  She said that St Augustine of Hippo, our patron saint, talked about how, ‘people learn well when they’re happy – we are named after a vision of happiness.’  This is at the core of education at St Augustine’s Priory.

Mrs Raffray also said that in the Bible ‘it is no accident that things happen at the top of mountains!’  Mountains are often the place where God encounters people, where wonderful things happen.

Well, we are not on a mountain.  We are on a small hill in Ealing.  But wonderful things also happen here.  As a community we travel together and strive to encounter God through our daily lives.

As Pope Francis says:


We thought we would share the following prayer with you.  By Raymond Friel, it is an appropriate and inspiring way to begin the new term.

This prayer can also be found at:  Beg of Term Prayer Mich 18

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