Sheep Shearing at St Augustine’s.

Posted: 13th July 2018

Sunday 8th July started out hot and ended up hot – for most of us anyway!  For some inhabitants of St Augustine’s Priory it ended on a much cooler note as Sunday was the day that the sheep shearers came calling!  Below are some pictures of the event, but if you would like to see a video, please click here:  sheep.8july18

Several staff and pupils with their families gathered to watch the spectacle as first the four ewes and then the two wethers and the ram, Steffan, were gathered and shorn.


First, take one sheep.                                                 Apply the clippers.

This was hot work for the shearers as they took the sheep one by one and demonstrated shearing to us both with very large clippers and with the electric variety.



This is very warm work, and the sheep don’t always cooperate!

It can’t be said that the sheep were all that keen on the process but they must have felt cooler and much lighter at the end of the afternoon than they had at the beginning!


Nearly finished.

The finished product!

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