Nursery and Prep I help out

Posted: 19th June 2018

Answering a call from Fairyland.

Nursery and Prep I gathered in the Prep Meadow on Tuesday 19th June where Miss Keane asked them all to solve something that was puzzling her.

Can you help me?

Mystery footprints!

On one of the benches near a tree were some golden, glittery, footprints.  ‘Whose footprints are these?’ Miss Keane asked.  There were hands up all round and many theories.  ‘A rabbit’ said one, ‘a squirrel’ said another and ‘a troll’ was one rather alarming response.  Then someone said ‘a fairy’.

Miss Keane thought all these ideas were excellent and stood up to see if the marks led anywhere.  The pupils noticed that they also appeared on the tree and Miss Keane soon found a letter.  She asked for someone to help her read it aloud to everyone.  The writer asked for help in gathering small piles of grass, some pebbles, twigs and leaves because they wanted to build a house and needed help to collect the materials.  The letter was signed ‘The Prep Meadow Fairy.’

A call for help!

The mystery was solved!  The person who suggested that the glittery footprints belonged to a fairy were quite right – they belonged to our own Prep Meadow Fairy.

A list of all that needs to be found.

Of course the Nursery and Prep I wanted to help and eagerly dispersed around the Prep Meadow in groups to gather up everything that the Prep Meadow Fairy needed to build her new home.

We hope that she will be very happy and comfortable!

Pictures below:  Setting out on the search for building materials.

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