Women’s Wellness Week

Posted: 8th June 2018

A week to celebrate.

A week brimming with conversations, dialogue and discussion will envelop St Augustine’s Priory next week as we will be celebrating Women’s Wellness Week.  Talks and workshops will be taking place throughout the week – as you will have seen in last week’s Newsletter.

Everyone will be encouraged to participate, starting with a Women’s Wellness Week label being given to girls which they can wear all week.

Activities such as nail-painting on Tuesday will take place and on Friday the Great Body Bake Off is happening at Little Break, firstly with judging and secondly with the Great Body Bake Off Sale.  Please bring in your cakes on the morning of Friday 15th June and leave them in the Nuns’ Refectory.  The Golden Rule of the Great Body Bake Off?  Be as creative as you like! Funds raised from the sale will go towards the Hammersmith Hospital Oncology Department.

Throughout the week we will be promoting understanding and awareness of women’s health issues and encouraging confidence both in ourselves and in the ability to talk to each other about health issues – and remembering those areas of the world where women’s voices are not so easily raised.

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