Priory 6 and Lower V work together

Posted: 4th May 2018

Conversations for development. 

Wednesday 2nd May saw Lower VI engage in an initiative designed to help prepare Lower V pupils for life in Priory 6.  At the beginning of the afternoon Lower VI pupils advised on A Level subjects to groups of Lower V pupils who rotated from subject station to subject station.  This was invaluable as Lower V pupils were able to speak to girls who are going through the A Level syllabus and who have insights and views which are important to aid pupils who are in the middle of preparations for GCSEs next year.

Choosing subjects to take at A Level with the help and advice of people who have already done so is a great way to help one make decisions.

Following the subject station rotation a ‘Quiz Time’ took place with a panel of staff answering questions which Lower V pupils had submitted in a quiz box.

Staff had to answer such questions as ‘Do I take subjects I love, or ones that will help my future career?’ and all the staff were able to offer their views on this and on a range of subject and Sixth Form-related questions.

The afternoon proved to be incredibly useful for the participants and Priory 6 and Lower V engaging in conversation was a tremendous way to exchange information and build a close collaboration.

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