Prep III prepares for Association Day

Posted: 4th May 2018

Young Young Enterprise. 

Prep III explored their entrepreneurial abilities this week as they took part in a project designed to cultivate their business, creative and marketing skills!

As part of the upcoming Association Day on Saturday 30th June this group of budding businesswomen will be designing and making their own products to sell on a stall.

On Tuesday 2nd May Ms Hagerty, together with two Priory 6 pupils, visited Prep III to lead them through the process.  Firstly the girls in Prep III were presented with the options for their products and divided into groups to work on choosing their group’s product from a selection of a child’s necklace, an adult’s necklace, bracelets or key rings.  One of the challenges is to make their products for materials costing under £5.00.

The design of the product came next, and over the forthcoming weeks Prep III will hone their designs and set about making them.

This is a very exciting project for Prep III to undertake and they are all looking forward to meeting all their customers and purveying their wares at Association Day in June.

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