Upper IV: Game Changers

Posted: 27th April 2018

Drama production extraordinaire. 

Wednesday evening saw Upper IV’s latest Drama production, ‘Game Changers’.

Ms Brown, Head of Drama, comments, ‘It was wonderful to see Upper IV perform an eclectic selection of scenes and poems by game-changing playwrights on Wednesday evening.  We saw a plethora of characters ranging from A.A. Milne’s Wind in the Willows to Steven Berkoff’s Metamorphosis all portrayed with skill and intelligence through the pupils’ use of characterisation and staging.


The warm rapport within the year group was palpable, and the cohesive production of the evening was thanks to the Director, Ms Hagerty.’

This was an evening of imagination and inspiration covering work from the UK, Europe and America and ranging from comedy through to drama to tragedy.  This was an evening to remember.

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