Juniors enjoy our new equipment

Posted: 27th April 2018

Google Chromebooks.

Mr Dellow, Head of ICT, has some exciting news to impart…

‘If you take a look around you will probably find you are no more than a metre away from some form of computing device, in fact, you are likely to be using one to read this post. As of this week our students are also very likely to be within touching distance of a computer after we received delivery of our first batch of 25 Google Chromebook laptops.

Chromebooks are a brilliant breed of laptop that use Google’s Chrome Operating System. The devices make use of software and file storage that is based entirely in the cloud.

We have already started putting the devices to good use with different groups of students in the Junior school who have been using them with great enthusiasm. Having 25 machines allows us to offer a 1:1 portable ICT suite that can be used by all ages. We are really looking forward to developing our use of this new equipment!’

Mr Martin, Director of IT adds, “The IT department and teaching staff have been testing a variety of mobile devices and the Chromebooks have proven to be very popular. This investment in mobile devices for students is the first in a series of initiatives to ensure girls always have access to IT facilities to complement their learning environment. We also plan to refresh classroom IT facilities with interactive LED screens to replace existing whiteboards. One of the advantages these offer is the opportunity for pupils to cast their mobile device to the LED screen to share their ideas and research with teacher and classmates. More details to follow as we move forward with these exciting initiatives.”

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