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Posted: 22nd March 2018

The visit of Onatti Productions.

Learning a new language involves far more than classroom work and homework.  At St Augustine’s Priory we enrich the learning experience by, among other things, language visits abroad (Upper II are enjoying their visit to France this week), viewing modern language films and also enjoying theatrical performances.

Here Mr Alejandro, Head of Modern Languages, reports on the recent visit of Onatti Productions, ‘On Tuesday, 6th March, the Modern Languages Department welcomed Onatti Productions for their second visit of the year. Having performed a French play back in November, two Spanish actors, Lucia and Raul returned to perform ‘La casa encantada’ (The Haunted House) for Form III, Lower IV, Upper IV and the GCSE Spanish students.

The play told the story of Camila and Antonio who, whilst on a hiking trip in the forest, were forced to take shelter in an old house owing to bad weather. A policeman arrived and informed them that a dangerous criminal had escaped from a local prison and therefore advised them not to leave the house. Strange things quickly started to happen inside the house leaving Camila and Antonio trapped!’

Below Melissa, Upper IV, who was picked to go up on stage to be a third actor, offers her view of Onatti’s visit:

‘The Spanish Play, “La casa encantada”, was very funny and enjoyable to watch. I understood most of it as the characters often repeated what they said and talked at a good pace. I was chosen to go up on stage to be a character and it was a nice experience, but also quite scary because Antonio kept coming out of nowhere and scaring me. The plot of the play was interesting and I would definitely watch it again.’

Lucia and Tanita, Upper IV commented: “We learnt so much from this play, not only was it educational, but it was also entertaining”

Emily, Upper IV, concludes: “I really enjoyed the play as it helped me learn new Spanish words in a fun and different way”

Onatti Productions also visited us this week – to perform a French play for Lower II, Upper II, and our Year 5 visitors from the Holy Family primary school on Modern Languages Day, Tuesday 20th March.


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