Priory 6 Careers’ Speaker

Posted: 22nd March 2018

Veterinary Science explored.

Dr Joanna Jerjis was our speaker at the latest Priory 6 Careers’ talk.  A variety of speakers visit throughout the year to enable enable our Priory 6 students to gain an insight into various career options.

Katya Beniatian, Lower VI, here reports:
‘For our Careers talk on 8th March, we were visited by Dr Joanna Jerjis, a former student of Saint Augustine’s Priory, who came to talk about her profession as a vet. She explained not only her career path into Veterinary Science but also the fantastic opportunities she has encountered, such as a year in India as a veterinary student.

She emphasised the importance of gaining as much experience as possible, through volunteering and work experience.  Her presentation was very well structured and she gave everyone an insight into how career paths can be changed and altered. Overall she was very enthusiastic and it was great to see someone so passionate about their career.’

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