Crazy Socks Day!

Posted: 21st March 2018

Supporting the Down’s Syndrome Association.

They came in all designs and colours, some patterned, some plain, but crazy and odd socks hit St Augustine’s Priory with a vengeance today, 21st March, to celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day.  In an initiative by pupils in Lower IV and Upper I the crazy socks craze hit everyone from the Nursery right through to Upper VI, with several staff also wearing some very crazy socks.

Lucy Williams, Lower IVA, writes:

‘21st March marks Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day and our school has decided to raise some money for the Down’s Syndrome Association.  Ana Navarro, Sofia Krunic, Lily Rodney, Emma Sonderby, Lucy Williams, Chloe Bathula, Celeste Salvucci (Lower IV) and Cecilia Sonderby (Upper I) have decided to raise money by holding a crazy socks day!  The crazy socks symbolise difference and diversity in the world.  We should want to live in a world where people’s differences are embraced and where people are valued and treated as equals irrespective of their disabilities.  Every single one of us has something to contribute to society and our differences are what makes the world beautiful.’


The event was a great success, raising a magnificent £362.83 for the Down’s Syndrome Association.

Below:  the Preps putting their best feet forward!



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