Prep II and Science

Posted: 7th March 2018

A Cross-curricular approach.

Miss Daya has been leading Prep II through the world of Science and, in particular, investigating cross-curricular implications.

‘This half term, Prep II have been learning all about Everyday Materials in their Science lessons. This week they linked their English topic of Fairy Tales to their Science by investigating which material would make the strongest house for a little pig.

Each pair were given a different material with which to build a house before the Big Bad Wolf (Miss Daya’s hairdryer) came round to try to blow it down.

The girls predicted that the plastic Lego brick house would be the strongest, and did not think the paper house would fare very well. They all watched in anticipation as each house faced the wolf.

They were delighted that the wolf was unable to budge the plastic Lego brick house and dismayed when the others blew down! Many of the girls noticed that the wooden block and the wooden stick houses were able to withstand more force than the cardboard and paper houses.

Overall, the girls really enjoyed this investigation and were able to draw on and reinforce their understanding of everyday materials, their properties and uses.

Next week we will be investigating which material would be best for patching up a hole in an umbrella!’

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