Book Week:  A look back

Posted: 28th February 2018

A Bibliophile’s Paradise. 

While we enjoy or otherwise the Arctic-like conditions, we thought a look back at a more temperate time (was it only last week?), when we celebrated our Book Week throughout the school, would be enjoyed.

Everything dropped to read!

Two Cats in their Hats?

Author Julia Jarman with Nursery and Prep I 

There was a plethora of activities from Monday to Friday, with everyone, from Nursery to Priory 6 to staff all joining in with activities, competitions, dressing up and generally celebrating literature!  (Oh, and some reading took place as well).

Dropping everything to read.

Scholastic Book Fair and Mrs Bhatti as The Queen of Hearts.

We welcomed author Julia Jarman who came to tell the Preps and Juniors all about her books centred around the Time Travelling Cat.  There was a ‘Drop Everything and Read’ session which meant exactly that – whatever one was doing, when the bell rang the books came out.  The Preps and Juniors decorated wooden spoons as characters from novels, there was a tree festooned with inspirational quotes and the week culminated on Friday in the Book Character Dress Up Day in which everyone entered with gusto!


The quotation tree.

Ms Bhatti organised the distribution of book tokens and asked pupils to take selfies reading in interesting places, the Scholastic Book Fair visited for the week and was a great success while Mrs van Der Merwe held a literary competition for all the Juniors with questions such as ‘What is the Worst Witch’s Name’ or ‘In the Railway Children why was the father sent to prison?’  This was a closely fought competition with St Raphael’s House emerging as the winner.

The Nursery enjoy reading with Miss Honeyman.

Mr Magnolia!

Priory 6 dressed as characters from the Horrible Histories entertain the Juniors and Preps.

Literary character wooden spoons.

Immersed in reading!

Book Week was, as always, a chance to luxuriate in literature and enjoy all that reading has to offer!

In addition, to support World Book Day 2018 which is on 1st March, the SPECS Network (Specialist Providers of Eye Care Solutions network) is running a competition.  Anyone aged between 5 and 16 can enter this competition (you will need permission from an adult). For your chance to win, just tell them the title of your favourite book and why you like it so much. Make sure you send in your entry by midnight on Saturday 31st March. If you would like to enter please go to the SPECS website at to find out more.


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