News about the Kneelers!

Posted: 26th February 2018

Chapel Update…

You will remember our One Hundred Years of Faith project to produce kneelers for our Chapel, started in 2015; twelve small and one long kneeler.  Well, the exciting news is that eleven of the small kneelers have been completed and we are awaiting completion of the twelfth, and then it’s on to the long kneeler!

Nine of the designs in total have been printed and delivered and when all twelve are finished we will launch them which should take place in the Summer Term when they can be used for regular prayer in the Chapel.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the completed kneelers, a beautiful way to commemorate our years on Hillcrest Road.

The purple kneeler in the above photograph celebrates all four School Houses (St Gabriel, St Michael, St Raphael and St George) and was used in the Offertory procession at our Feast Day Mass at Ealing Abbey on 9th February to celebrate our community spirit.   This particular kneeler was stitched by many of our past pupils.


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