Lower II visits Ancient Greece

Posted: 26th February 2018

An Ancient Greek Symposium.

Mrs Tomlinson, Form Teacher Lower II Alpha, has been leading Lower II through the delights of Ancient Greece during the first half of the Lent Term.  To this end, on Thursday 8th February Lower II held an Ancient Greek Symposium.  Mrs Tomlinson continues:

‘We held a Greek Symposium (a traditional dinner party) to celebrate the end of our History topic of Ancient Greece. Everyone brought in an authentic food item to share and tried the different roles of being a wealthy Ancient Greek man, being served the food, and an Ancient Greek slave, serving the food. We also shared our own Greek Myths that we have been writing in English – we heard how butterflies came to be, how beauty and tigers came to be and about the first lie that was ever told, in the Homeric tradition of oral storytelling. We also solved some Ancient Greek riddles, all while listening to traditional Ancient Greek pipe music!

Tamara Al-Zarrad, Lower II Alpha commented, ‘I enjoyed the way we experienced different Greek food, learned about what they did at an Ancient Greek Symposium and shared our own Greek myths – it was so much fun!’

Sienna St Paul, Lower IIA, said that ‘I liked the riddles and the juice’ while Solaris Salvucci de Oliveira, Lower II Alpha mentioned that ‘I liked the food and the story telling!’

‘I really liked the food and the backing music’ was Fernanda Gupta, Lower II Alpha’s verdict and ‘I liked the pitta bread dipped in oil’ was Sophie Robinson LIIA’s comment.  And Lucy Kerr, Lower II Alpha, had this to say, ‘I liked that it was very organised’ – I’m sure that the Ancient Greeks would have concurred!’

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