Upper I mark a Centenary

Posted: 20th February 2018

Women’s Right to Vote

To mark the centenary of women’s right to vote 1918, just before half term Upper I took part in an experiment designed to demonstrate what life may have been like!  Miss Gambrill, Form Teacher Upper I, reports on the subsequent events:

‘To commemorate the centenary of women gaining the vote, Upper I had a small taste of what it might have felt like before this momentous day. The class were divided into ‘Men’ and ‘Women’; the ‘Women’ were not allowed to vote or have a say in the afternoon activities; whilst the ‘Men’ were not only allowed to vote, but they decided on matters affecting the ‘Women’. ‘Women’ were told where they could sit (whilst the ‘Men’ chose their seats), how they had to walk (whilst the ‘Men’ had more freedom) and some ‘Men’ were even asked to answer questions on behalf of the ‘Women’.  This was very challenging and many of the ‘Women’ found it very frustrating and unfair. On the other hand some of the ‘Men’ relished the added power and responsibility they were given and used it to its full advantage!’

Comments were received from members of the class, who fully immersed themselves in the afternoon.

Amba and Atrin let their feelings be known, ‘We found it very intense and became quite angry, we wanted to stand up and go and join the men!’  Whilst Atrin continued, ‘It really made me appreciate the modern day where women have a say.’

Arianna Shah added, ‘I felt sorry for the ‘Women’ because everyone should have equal rights and I was upset for some of my friends.’

Clara, meanwhile, put forward an opposing viewpoint, ‘I felt empowered and thought that the ‘Women’ should do what we said!’  (We ought to add that this comment was made in jest!).

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