Exploring photography

Posted: 16th January 2018

Pinhole Photography Workshop

Ms Porter, Art Department, here reports on the workshops held by photographer, Lotte Hampson, on Friday 12th January.  It is of such value for the pupils to meet professional artists and to gain from their experience and knowledge.  With our A Level photography course proving popular and now a working darkroom which provides a great facility for all girls to develop their talents in this direction, Lotte Hampson’s workshops were a great encouragement.

‘Last week the Art Department invited photographer Lottie Hampson to hold workshops with St Augustine’s Priory students.  This was a really exciting opportunity for Lower II – Lower IV girls to gain some experience in the new darkroom and for Senior girls to further explore photographic processes.

On Friday morning we held a pinhole photography workshop with the Lower II – Lower IV girls, producing some fantastic results with handmade pinhole cameras.  Each girl had the opportunity to make their own pinhole camera, take a photograph on school grounds and develop them in the darkroom – it was great to see all age groups working well together.

In the afternoon some of our A Level photography students learnt how to use a 35mm analogue camera and process 35mm film in the darkroom.

Here are some of the exciting results!’

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